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How can we correctly identify the spare parts of cars?

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1. Looking at the original packaging factory accessories packaging is generally more standardized, unified standard specifications, printed words clear and regular, and counterfeit products packaging printing is relatively poor, often can easily find the flaws in the packaging;

2. Look at the color of some original parts surface specified a certain color, if encounter other colors, it is counterfeit inferior parts;

3. Look at the appearance of the original factory accessories printed or cast words and markings clear and regular, and the appearance of counterfeit products rough;

4. Look at the paint illegal businessmen will waste spare parts through simple processing, such as disassembly, assembly, assembly, gathering, painting and other treatment, and then sell as qualified products, illegal access to high profits;

5. According to the quality of the original factory accessories materials are designed to use qualified materials, counterfeit products are mostly substituted by cheap and inferior materials;

6. Looking at the appearance of inferior products, although sometimes good, but because of poor manufacturing technology, easy to crack, sand holes, slag inclusion, burrs or bruises;

7. Look at the "storage" of automotive accessories if there are dry cracking, oxidation, color change mirror or aging problems, may be in the storage of poor environment, long storage time, poor materials and other reasons;

8. See "joint" if the clutch piece rivet loosening, brake skin tube degumming, electrical parts joint dewelding, paper filter element joint disengagement and other phenomena, can not be used;

9. Look at the sign part of the regular parts marked with certain marks, such as the time gear mark, piston top marking and other assembly marks, used to ensure the correct installation of the machine parts, there is no purchase;

10, look at the missing parts of the regular assembly must be complete and intact, in order to ensure the smooth loading and normal operation. Some of the small parts on the assembly are missing, usually "parallel goods", which are difficult for loading. Due to the shortage of individual accessories, the whole assembly parts are scrapped.

11, look at the protective layer in order to facilitate storage and prevent parts from bumping. Parts are protected before leaving factory. For example, bushes, bushes, pistons, valves and other general use of paraffin protection, to avoid damage to its surface, these important accessories, if there is no protective layer on the surface, mostly for "merchandise";

12. Look at some important parts of the certificate, especially the assemblies, such as carburetors, distributors, generators, etc., usually with instructions and certificates to guide users to install, use and maintain, if not for these fake and inferior products;

13. When purchasing auto parts according to specifications, the main technical parameters should be ascertained, and the special technology should meet the requirements. Some counterfeit and inferior products have the same appearance as the real goods, but they are not suitable to be installed, or large or small, always unsatisfactory to use, and leave a hidden danger of accidents.

14, the test report issued by the third party can not only prove the true and false, but also show its quality.

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