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Car maintenance should remember: these money can not be saved!

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1. maintenance mileage can not be dragged.

Some owners may be busy with time, and sometimes take chances. Some maintenance miles do not comply with the manufacturer's regulations, such as 5000 km oil change, he may have to drag to 6000 km, although the surface looks to save money, but in fact, the oil has lubrication and filtration effect, time or mileage is long, oil viscosity is reduced, lubrication. And the cleaning function has been reduced. It's okay if you do it occasionally, after all, sometimes it's not very convenient to maintain it, but it's not appropriate to save money deliberately if you do it for a long time.

2. parts can't reduce quality.

Nowadays, the auto parts market is full of confusion. Many fake and inferior auto parts attract consumers with low price. In fact, many of these components are of poor quality and are not suitable for saving money. For example, the author bought an air filter, the price of authentic products is about 60 yuan, and the so-called by-factory products are only 10 yuan, but the air filter effect is very poor, even the sealing rubber is not qualified, not long after the leak, and finally had to replace the authentic air filter. Don't use cheap counterfeit products for components like oil, filter, air filter, air conditioner filter, brake pad, and brake disc.

3., the maintenance of mileage can not be less.

Deepening maintenance is not a normal maintenance, many 4S like to recommend to car owners, so this project left a lot of people with a purely profit-making impression. But the fact is not entirely so, for long-term city vehicles, low speed plus poor domestic fuel quality, very easy to produce carbon deposition, so periodic throttle and fuel injector maintenance is necessary to deepen, generally according to the car condition, if not sure, 20,000 or 30,000 km once Further maintenance is appropriate. It can not only remove the colloid and carbon deposit in the system, but also prevent harmful corrosion.

4., a good habit of developing a certain mileage for four rounds of positioning is necessary.

Many car owners believe that only when the car goes off the track should the four-wheel alignment process be carried out. In fact, this is not the case. The tires of the car, like your shoes, wear away for a long time, and the chassis restraints will be somewhat different. So it is necessary to do a four-wheel alignment at 30-40,000 km. This money should not be saved, four-wheel positioning is accurate, tire wear can be reduced, is equal to delaying the replacement of tires mileage, is also equivalent to saving money.

5. car washing should not be too economical.

Now car washing is not cheap, usually 20-30 yuan, so some owners in order to save money, do not want to wash the car often, in fact, this is a big mistake. Because the greatest impact on the body paint is those gum, bird excrement and acid rain and toxic dust, if not often cleaned, adherence to the body surface will corrode the paint. In addition, car washing can also be used for chassis and suspension and brake disc cleaning, to avoid those moving parts due to sediment and more wear and tear. And waxing these on the contrary do not have to be carried out frequently, no matter what wax, will not really protect the car paint, I know it does not look brighter.

6. major insurance can not be saved.

Some car owners have improved their road experience after two to three years of driving, so starting to think about saving money on some insurance, such as just buying a compulsory traffic insurance, has become a magic weapon for many so-called old drivers to save money. In fact, some insurance should not be easily omitted, such as third-party liability insurance and car damage insurance, which in the event of an accident to reduce owner loss to enhance protection is very direct effect. Insurance project is not how much you insure, how much you get to settle for psychological balance, peace and security is a blessing, in case of an accident, or economic security. Generally speaking, traffic insurance must be bought, car damage insurance must be bought, theft and rescue to see the situation to buy, the three insurance must be bought (more than 200,000), scratch insurance to see the situation to buy, on-board personnel insurance is recommended to use the owner's credit card instead of spontaneous combustion insurance, new cars do not need to buy, glass insurance must be bought, no exemption must be bought.

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